Loop the Lake

Monona Lake Loop

The Monona Lake Loop is an iconic way to experience Monona with some of the best views in Dane County. Snaking through neighborhoods, parks, and hugging the shores of Lake Monona, the Monona Lake Loop is a great family-friendly activity to get in some exercise and enjoy the fresh air. With 13 glorious miles of paved paths and clear signs leading your way, the Monona Lake Loop is a great way for bikers, walkers, or runners alike to explore Monona. Interested in taking a mid-way pit stop to fuel up on some delish ice cream and other treats? The Monona Bait & Ice Cream Shop is the perfect reward for a day spent on the bike.

What To Expect


With paved paths and signage directing you every step of the way, the Lake Monona Bike Loop offers a fun and safe way to explore the city. The 13-mile trail snakes through both Madison and Monona offering breathtaking views at every turn. With hills spread throughout the trail, the Lake Loop offers a great workout for those looking to power through. For those looking for a more leisurely stroll, numerous parks and beaches act as beautiful rest stops and places to explore. To explore what the route looks like, check out this map that will act as your guide.

What To Bring


When planning a day or afternoon on the Monona Lake Loop, make sure you are stocked up with the appropriate gear and supplies to ensure you have a safe and successful day. Before heading out make sure you have packed plenty of water, sunscreen, and safety gear like helmets and sunglasses to make sure you adventure responsibly.

Bike, Hike, or Run


There are numerous ways you can enjoy the Monona Lake Loop like biking, walking, or running to ensure your day is exactly your speed. No bike? No problem! Enjoy the path on foot or rent out a bike at a BCycle rental location.

Explore Monona’s beaches, trails, and neighborhoods your way as you create unforgettable memories.

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Photos by Bruce Fritz

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